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Plate Heat Exchanger Tool (R/SG)

平板熱交換器 Plate Heat Exchanger Tool (R/SG)

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中文版型錄 熱交換器倍力板手



  • Continuous rotation tightening or loosening of spindles or long threaded bolts. Ideal for bolting connections on plate heat exchangers.
  • Torque range of the pneumatic driven types: alkitronic RCL two gear torque multiplier with radial gearing from 590 Nm to 4,840 Nm, alkitronic CLS-SG with tangential gearing from 1,280 Nm to 3,780 Nm.
  • Torque range of the electric driven types: alkitronic EF-R / EFCip-R / EF-SG / EFCip-SG: from 560 Nm to 3,780 Nm.


  • Load-free operation with short assembly time.
  • Fast and simultaneous tightening of large plate packs when using two or more torque multipliers diagonally.
  • Targeted types for convenient working in every tightening situation.
  • alkitronic RCL with fast gear for turning in and simple, quick switching to power gear.

alkitronic specials

  • Simple 1-finger operation for quick, safer work.
  • Considerable time saving during permanent operation (optional with RCL and CLS-SG).
  • Radial gearing (R) with high-performance worm-drive.
  • Tangential gearing (SG) with highly efficient spur gear.
  • Robust motor and gear housing of cast aluminum.


Pneumatic driven models: Prerequisites for the best work and the indicated torques are an operating pressure of 2-7 bar at a volume flow approx. 10-15 l/s. The torque accuracy depends on the stability of the power supply system.

Electric driven models: Repeat shut-off accuracy ± 3% for the same bolting application Universal AC Input 100 V – 253 V, frequency 45 Hz – 66 Hz Power max. 2000 W, protection category I. Protection class IP 54 with models EFCip (standard), EF models optional.

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