Battery-Driven Torque Multiplier (EAF)
Electric Torque Multiplier (E)

Battery-Driven Torque Multiplier for heavy duty vehicles (EA2-N)

電池倍力板手 Battery Driven Torque Multipliers

Battery-Driven Torque Multiplier for heavy duty vehicles (EA2-N)

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  • alkitronic EA2-N for comfortable operation at deep bolting connections due to extended square drive. Typical field of application: drop-center rims of heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Li-Ion battery driven 2-speed models with release function
  • Torque range: 190 Nm to 2,800 Nm.


  • Low noise emissions: No noise protection necessary.
  • Low weight and ergonomically designed.
  • Comfortable to operate. The motor unit can be rotated 360 degrees.
    One handed operation with CW/CCW.
  • Economic, safe operation. No weather-related costly downtime.
  • Permanent higher joint quality than ratchet torque tools by continuous rotation of the square drive.
  • Break-proof, and resistent to corrosion: motor housing made of special polymer.

alkitronic Specials

  • EA2-N with two battery packs ensure up to 360 screw joints in a row.
  • Intelligent energy management and fast workflow: Smart electronics protect every battery cell from overcharging and depth discharge. The charger cools battery packs during recharging. This reduces charging times and enhances maximum performance and durability.
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